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My Creative Endeavors

I find joy in distilling my thoughts into creative pieces, be it poetry, fiction, or random paintings.

Book cover-Lin RC.PNG

Where are you going?

My short story, Where are you going?, was inspired by my dad's life as a taxi-driver. It was a retirement gift to my dad to celebrate his three-decade journey on the road. A big thank you to the Curriculum Planning & Development Division, Ministry of Education (CPDD, MOE), Singapore, for supporting the book (published by Lingzi Media) and the short film (directed by Jaze Phua; starring Peter Yu).

Click here for the trailer.

The book is available here.


My poem Kitchen was published in Lianhe Zaobao (《联合早报文艺城》) on 12 August 2022. Thank you to the editorial team for the lovely podcast. I am also grateful to award-winning writer, Chow Teck Seng (周德成), for the thoughtful analysis. To read my poem and listen to the podcast, click here.

My crowded wall

I finally picked up my brushes again during COVID times. I was surprised by the boxes of paint and canvas boards that I have hoarded over the years. 

Some kueh for you?

This is likely my favorite work among the random paintings that I have created. Which kueh do you like best?

Studio Set Up

Short film adapted from my poem
Farewell at the bus-stop (English translation)
Directed by: Ryan Yong

Farewell at the bus-stop-screenshot.PNG

Click here to view.


Balloon from 1987
@ Bishan Public Library

Simply love the idea of having the city landscape as the backdrop to my Balloon from 1987. It certainly added another layer of interpretation to the work.

Millions thanks to National Library Board, PoetryWalls, Pinnacle Wall Arts, and Singapore National Poetry Festival for the help and support rendered. I am especially indebted to Jeroen and Rupert for their patience in helping me with the layout and formatting of the poem. (November - December 2015)

Photo credits: Pinnacle Wall Arts

Poetry-Bishan Library 2015.jpg
Bishan library.jfif

Exhibition @ National Library

I am deeply humbled that my poem was one of the four poems (one per official language) on display at the National Library. Many thanks to National Library Board, PoetryWalls, Singapore Poetry Festival, and Pinnacle Wall Arts!

(5 October to 18 November 2015)

Photo credit: Pablo Dawid de Vera

Poetry-National Library (Oct 2015).jpg

Poetry on Platforms 

It was pretty surreal to see my poem Farewell at the bus-stop on display at City Hall MRT Station, Singapore.

(16 July - 13 August 2015)

Poetry on Platforms at City Hall MRT (16 July-13 Aug 2015).jpg
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