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SCCL Conference (5 Sep 2023)-4.jpg

The 7th International Conference on Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language cum the 11th International Forum on Chinese Language Education

It was great fun moderating the panel discussion that involved a DJ, a film director, a lawyer and a caregiver. The panelists' candid sharing on language learning and the use of Chinese language in their respective careers offered a lot of food for thought. My fear that we will all suffer from food coma was unfounded as their lively and humorous sharing made the audience erupt in laughter at several junctures. Thank you Dr. Foo Suan Fong and Christopher Tang for this opportunity! (5 September 2023)

Photo credit: Wen Yun

Literary Phenomenon 2022.jpg

Book Launch cum Talk

Since its inception in 1986, the literary section of Lianhe Zaobao (aka Wenyicheng) has always been an important place for aspiring and experienced writers to publish their creative work. It is released twice a week for the past years. Since 2015, Zaobao has launched an annual anthology, "Literary Phenomenon", to showcase selected work.This year, the anthology comprises a total of 47 creative pieces, including my poem "Kitchen". This is the first time my work made it to the annual publication. A big thank you to Dr. Tan Chee Lay (editor) for his affirmation especially since I am not a prolific writer. In fact, I am rather embarrassed that "Kitchen" was my only work published in Wenyicheng last year. Never did I expect that it will be made into a podcast with an accompanying analysis by award-winning writer Chow Teck Seng. It was with great gratitude that I attended the book launch, listened to the rich sharing by veteran editors, and reviewed our literary landscape with fellow literature lovers. (30 May 2023)

Singapore Chinese Film Festival -panel.jfif
Singapore Chinese Film Festival -chinese shorts flyer.PNG

Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2023

"Where are you going?" (adapted from my short story) was featured at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival alongside other short films. The screening was followed by a panel discussion on literary adaptations. It was a great delight to sit on the panel that comprised the festival director, film directors/producers, actresses and a fellow writer. I was excited to find out that tickets were sold out! A big thank you to my good friends for their support! Event details can be found here. (6 May 2023)

Poster credit: Event organizer

SWF 2022-A night of poetry at Tea Chapter (6 Nov 2022).jpg

Singapore Writers Festival 2022

Thank you for the opportunity to present my poetry at the multimodal recital and tea appreciation session alongside fellow poets. This event was co-organized by Singapore Association of Writers, Singapore Literature Society, and May Poetry Society. (6 November 2022)

Poster credit: Event organizer 

2022 Chinese Cultural eCamp Opening Ceremony (8 June 2022).jpg

2022 Chinese Cultural eCamp

I was stoked to be the Guest-of-Honor for the biennial camp with attracted participants from Singapore and Malaysia. The camp was canceled two years ago due to COVID-19. Despite various challenges that ensued, the 2022 organizing committee pressed on and managed to get the camp up and running again. Kudos to the NTU Chinese Society! It was a sheer delight to celebrate with the team at the opening ceremony! (8 June 2022)

Photo credits: NTU Chinese Society

Dunman High-Assembly Talk (18 May 2022).jpg

Bilingual Fortnight Assembly Talk @ Dunman High School 

It was my honor to share the stage with Michael John Novielli (Co-Founder & Partner at Due West Education) to discuss the importance of language learning. Drawing on my experiences in China and the USA, I highlighted the uniqueness of Singapore's linguistic landscape and discussed what it means to be bilingual from the perspective of an overseas Singaporean. I also shared some language-related blunders that I made and had a good laugh at myself. (18 May 2022)

Photo credits: Dunman High School

SWF Conversation (14 Nov 2021).jpg

Singapore Writers Festival 2021

Sugar-Coating Narratives?

Writing Young Adult Fiction in Singapore:

At this hour-long conversation, Chow Teck Seng, Me Loh Bing and I discussed strategies in engaging young adult readers, the potential tension between readability and literary expression, and exposure to SingLit. I also introduced my book titled "Where are you going?" that was fresh from the oven.  

(Click here for video; 14 November 2021)

If walls could talk 2020.jpg

If Walls Could Talk: Poetry Tour @ National Gallery Singapore

I was elated to be assigned a spot where the audience could admire Marina Bay Sands while I read my poetry on the local landmark accompanied by Seno Aji (musician). Kudos to Eric Valles and his team for this beautifully curated poetry tour, not forgetting the help and support rendered by NGS staff. (7 March 2020)

Photo credit: Tan Chee Lay

972 Interview 2018.jpg

Interview at Love 97.2FM

It was fun going on air with Peng Chi Sheng and Lim Szei Ching to publicize their event at Grassroots Book Room. Thank you to both of them for inviting me to be the guest poet for their event and to DJ Marvin Lee for this awesome opportunity! (September 2018)

In Spirit and In Truth Recital - Poetry Festival 2018.jpg

Poetry Festival Singapore 2018

I was star-struck by Edwin Thumboo at the multilingual event, In Spirit and In Truth. I recited two of my Chinese poems alongside the English translation, accompanied by Peng Chi Sheng's original composition, That boy's balloon. (Click here for Chi Sheng's site; Click here to find out about Poetry Festival Singapore; 29 July 2018)

Photo credit: Peng Chi Sheng

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza 2018.jpg

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza 2018

It was a joy integrating sounds and colors into poetry together with other poets! Thank you Singapore Association of Writers for the invite! 

(9 June 2018)

World Book Day 2016.jpg

2016 World Book Day cum Literature Under the April Sky

I was nervous when I found out I would be speaking alongside Cultural Medallion recipient, Lim Hung Chang (also known as Lin Gao, 林高). I took this chance to hone my public speaking skills and discussed the integration of local elements into poetry. Interacting with the two overseas speakers, Professor Hifumi Hayashi and Shelly Bryant, also made me appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language more! Thank you for having me! (23 April 2016)


Photo credit: CPCLL 

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